National Day to Protect Health Care – Feb 18

Nancy Pelosi sent a letter out to colleagues asking them to coordinate events on Saturday, February 18th to protect the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid in honor of Presidents’ Day. The events she suggests are geared toward discussing the devastating effects that repeal or the Republican proposals would have on patients and hospitals.

Miriam is working with a group in Brooklyn to organize a rally. She is also attending a “We Make America” meeting on Friday, Feb 10 where she will recruit volunteers to make signs and banners, video the event, and play music.

Please reach out to Miriam if you would like to participate. Next steps include:

  • Decide on exact format and location of rally
  • Get info. out through social media, Indivisible site, OFA site, etc.
  • Make signs and banners
  • Contact media a couple of days in advance
  • Designate a couple of people to speak with media
  • Designate one or two people to video the event

Defending Obamacare Video Call – Feb 9

From Organizing for Action:

Members of Congress will be home in their districts for a week-long recess. This is our opportunity to make sure elected officials hear from us — their constituents — directly on the life-changing impact of Obamacare for tens of millions of Americans and just how devastating repeal could be.

OFA and Indivisible are joining together to host a video conference call to go over tactics and best practices for engaging with representatives while they’re visiting their districts.

What: Defending Obamacare Video Call – Preparing for Congressional Recess
When: Thursday, February 9 at 8:00 p.m. ET
Where: RSVP for more details

Meeting Minutes: Feb 7, 2017

Meeting minutes are available here.

The crux of what we decided in this meeting is that The NYCIA Council should be a resource for it’s members as well as an organization tool.

  1. PDF series explaining governmental structures. For example: A one page document explaining the IDC and the role it plays in the NYS Senate.
  2. We will start to have issue specific meetings. Meeting leaders will lead a discussion about the status of that movement. The effects that the administration has had, the actions that are upcoming and any other information pertinent to said issue.
  3. We will have a monthly or bi-monhtly civics meeting as a way to help members understand the ways in which a government is working for or against us, and the role that we as individuals and groups can play.
  4. We will continue to participate in protests and actions. For now connecting to other groups actions through the Indivisible Site.

At the meeting we discussed the groups digital presence and this is what was decided:

  1. We will continue to use Google Groups for communication. Daniel will continue to manage invites and membership. Jake will manage tagging of discussions.
  2. We will create a website that will be used to store resources: links to helpful websites and documents created by the group.
  3. We will create a Facebook group for the purpose of connecting socially and keeping up with each other. I encourage everyone to friend each other on facebook and share each others ideas.

We also discussed digital security. Moving forward new members will not be granted access to the google group until they attend a meeting. I will personally keep track of potential new members status.

NYS Liberty Act and Dream Act

The NYS Assembly passed two bills this week (the Liberty Act and the Dream Act) which will make NYS a Sanctuary State. This is extremely important legislation to fight back against the administration’s attacks on immigrants and refugees.

The problem is that the IDC (Independent Democratic Conference) in the State Senate is planning on voting against the legislation. With their support there is potential for this legislation to pass. The IDC is made up of 8 members, 5 of whom represent districts in NYC. I think many of you may be in Peraltas district. Below is a list of the members of the IDC. If one of these Senators represents you it’s time to get on the phone:

  • Jeff Klein – 34th (Bronx: 718-822-2049 | Albany: 518-455-3595)
  • Diane Savino – 23rd (Staten Island: 718-727-9406 | Brooklyn: 718-333-0311 | Albany: 518-455-2437)
  • Tony Avella – 11th (Bayside: 718-357-3094 | Albany: 518-455-2210)
  • David Valesky – 53rd (Syracuse: 315-478-8745 | Albany: 518-455-2838)
  • David Carlucci – 38th (Rockland: 845-623-3647 | Ossining: 914-941-2041 | Albany: 518-455-2991)
  • Jesse Hamilton – 20th (Brooklyn: 718-284-4700 | Albany: 518-426-6856)
  • Marisol Alcantara – 31st (New York City: 212-544-0173 | Albany: 518-455-2041)
  • Jose Peralta – 13th (East Elmhurst: 718-205-3881 | Albany: 518-455-2529)

Bystander Intervention Training

The Accompany Project/Arab American Association of New York is organizing a Bystanding Intervention Training in Sunnyside on Sun, March 19th from 6:00 – 8:15 pm. Registration and more details are available at

Bystander intervention involves a series of tools that can be consciously employed to defuse volatile situations. In this interactive workshop, bystander intervention and de-escalation will be presented in the context of harm reduction and self-defense. Participants will identify verbal and non-verbal techniques and tactics to de-escalate conflict. Participants will also learn the four Ds of bystander intervention – direct, distract, delay, and delegate.

Injustice Boycott

Shaun King has started a movement called the Injustice Boycott. He sends 4-5 emails a week mostly with very simple actions (tweets, facebook posts, etc..). The focus for Shaun is on Police Brutality and DAPL. I have been able to participate in almost every action that he has proposed and most don’t take much time. Just yesterday his was part of the support that encouraged the City of Seattle to divest from Wells Fargo over their support for DAPL.