Deadline for NYS Election Reform: June 21

NY State has an opportunity to protect and expanding voting rights. In order for any changes to be in effect for the 2018 elections, reforms must be in place by June 21st. Easy Elections NY is a great resource that has identified 5 priorities:

  • Early Voting
  • Automatic Voter Registration
  • Flexibility to Change Party Affiliation
  • Electronic Poll Books
  • Restoring Parolee Voting

Take action now!


Injustice Boycott

Shaun King has started a movement called the Injustice Boycott. He sends 4-5 emails a week mostly with very simple actions (tweets, facebook posts, etc..). The focus for Shaun is on Police Brutality and DAPL. I have been able to participate in almost every action that he has proposed and most don’t take much time. Just yesterday his was part of the support that encouraged the City of Seattle to divest from Wells Fargo over their support for DAPL.