ACTION: Call constituents to protect the ACA

If you have not been following, the Senate health care bill is TERRIBLE. It cuts Medicaid even more than the House bill, though on a longer time frame. It also goes even further than the House bill in allowing states to gut ACA protections and allowing insurers to define what services would and wouldn’t be covered in any given policy. The Senate bill claims not to allow states to waive protections for people with pre-existing conditions, but because various treatments (chemotherapy, maternity care) are not mandated to be part of coverage for everyone, they will be extremely expensive for people who need to buy them a la carte. And many think the bill will create a “death spiral” in the individual insurance market.

Schumer says that pressure from constituents is key, so please consider taking 30 minutes or more to make calls to constituents of Republicans in key states. What you can do:

  1. Get informed about the bill. 
    • Quick overview from Slate
    • Detailed reporting from Vox
  2. Register for phone banking to Republican states!
    • ACA DEFENDERS, based in MA, a collaboration of Health Care for All Massachusetts and SEIU 99. This uses the automated HubDialer and you can put the constituent through directly to their Senator. In the battle against the ACA, they have called voters in several states, depending on their legislators’ position in real time. If you sign up you will get the full emails with instructions day by day as the targets change. Sign up here
    • Think of 3 people you know in red states, or 3 people you know who know people in red states. Share this great state-by-state resource from Indivisible

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