Queens Stands Up Rally – June 11

Queens Stands Up Rally-1


Canvass for Christine Pellegrino

A special election for NY State Assembly District 9 is being held on Tuesday, May 23. Democratic candidate Christine Pellegrino is a teacher who has been teaching reading in the district for 25 years. She was a delegate for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Primary and has been endorsed by a number of progressive groups. Her opponent is running from the Conservative Party (further right that the Republicans) who recently posted on Facebook that he opposes the move to provide legal council for immigrants, stating: “We can empower these gangs by making New York a sanctuary state, providing them a taxpayer-funded legal defense against their deportation, and learn nothing from these events, or we can go the route of encouraging our brave men and women in the police force to work with federal authorities to work toward their deportation and keep law-abiding New Yorkers safe.”

Please consider canvassing for Christine Pellegrino:
When: 2.5hr shifts at 10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00pm every day between now and election day
Where: Massapequa, NY. The campaign will pick you up at the LIRR station (Masspequa Park stop, about a 1hr train ride from Woodside)

Deadline for NYS Election Reform: June 21

NY State has an opportunity to protect and expanding voting rights. In order for any changes to be in effect for the 2018 elections, reforms must be in place by June 21st. Easy Elections NY is a great resource that has identified 5 priorities:

  • Early Voting
  • Automatic Voter Registration
  • Flexibility to Change Party Affiliation
  • Electronic Poll Books
  • Restoring Parolee Voting

Take action now!

Which Side Are You On, Jeff Klein? – May 19

Rise and Resist is planning to target Jeff Klein, head of the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), on Friday, May 19, from 1-2 pm outside his office in the Bronx.

From the Facebook event page:

“Wonder why New York State isn’t standing up to Trump like California? Because our New York State Senate is a WRECK! Get this: Did you know despite the New York State Senate having a Democratic MAJORITY, it doesn’t vote that way, thanks to the eight men and women of the rogue breakaway group known as the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC)?

Join Rise & Resist as we push our New York State Senators who are members of the IDC to act like real Democrats instead of Democrats in name only, so New York State can have a Democratic MAJORITY again! This time, we’re going after the man who started it all – Jeff Klein, who founded the IDC in a fit of wounded pride after the Democrats wouldn’t make him their Senate leader. He’s been amassing power ever since at the expense of true Democrats.

Care about Gerrymandering? Voter Suppression? Single Payer? Rent Control? Women’s Reproductive rights? LGBT+ rights? These all happen at the STATE LEVEL. Which is why, with the oncoming Trumpocolypse, it is vital we get the majority back in the New York State Senate IMMEDIATELY. The left has ignored State level races for 30 years, focusing only on the Presidency and US Congress, which has allowed the Republicans to take control of most of the country’s state legislatures, which has given them the power to gerrymander districts and disenfranchise voters. Time to put the kibosh on that. WE ARE WOKE!

IDC founder Jeff Klein and his minions like to say they group is for “getting things done” — but all they’re doing is blocking genuine progressive action in Albany for their own selfish power play. Join us as we show up at Klein’s office in the east Bronx to ask him, “Which side are you, Jeff Klein?”

To better understand what the IDC is, here is a recent article in the Village Voice. Follow our movement against the IDC here: https://www.facebook.com/IDCresist/