Local Politics: County Committees

If you’re interested in getting involved with local politics, but aren’t able to make a significant time commitment, joining the Queens County Democratic Committee is a great alternative to joining the Community Board.

  • County Committees (CCs) keep the County Chair (in our case, Joe Crowley) accountable
  • The most important functions of CCs are to:
    • choose the Democratic Party’s nominee in special elections
    • choose local judicial candidates
    • elect the County Executive Committee members
    • help create the Democratic party platform
    • mobilize the community
  • In Queens, each election district can have up to 4 representatives (2 male, 2 female) on the CC
  • Election districts are the smallest unit of election administration (generally a few city blocks, depending on population density), so there are a few thousand CC seats in Queens
  • Many CC seats are unfilled and/or filled by people who preserve the status quo and hand over power to the County Chair without question. In some cases, people are conscripted without their knowledge. This article suggests that only 28.5% of CC seats in Queens are filled
  • Participation is up to you – it can vary from attending a meeting once every few months to once every 2 years
  • It is fairly easy to petition for a CC seat. You need to collect roughly 25-60 signatures from registered Democrats who reside in the election district you are running for. However, you do NOT need to live in that election district yourself. You do need to be a registered Democratic and live in the Assembly District
  • The next petition period will be some time in 2018

For more information:


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