Trump Tower is a Privately Owned Public Space (POPS)

From Metropolis Magazine, 3/10/17 (link to full article, excerpts below):

“Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS), are an amenity provided, constructed and maintained by a developer for public use, in exchange for additional floor area.”

“Donald Trump and Trump Commercial LLC, which operates Trump Tower, received an additional 105,436 square feet of development space in 1979, worth about $530 million in profit in today’s dollars, in exchange for creating the POPS there. They also received an additional bonus of 105,437 square feet for providing retail within the special Fifth Avenue Subdistrict. The privately owned public space at Trump Tower technically covers the main lobby, the lower level concourse, and the two landscape terraces on upper floors. The POPS amounts to 6,626 square feet in the interior of Trump Tower and 6,336 square feet across the landscape terraces.”

“One of the design requirements are that indoor POPS must be easily accessible from the street and provide a place to sit and rest.”

“The bottom line is that I don’t think most New Yorkers, and for sure most tourists, are even aware that the lobby and other spaces in Trump Tower are public space. And beyond aesthetics, Trump Tower’s privately owned public space is one of the more egregiously out of compliance in the city. We need to hold Trump Tower and Donald Trump accountable to the legal standards for public space in New York City, particularly due to the hundreds of millions of dollars of development bonuses he has received in exchange. Given Trump’s new role, Trump Tower holds a greater responsibility to follow longstanding laws that safeguard public space in this city.”


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