Dan Donovan People’s Town Hall – Feb 25

Congressman Dan Donovan is a 2-term Republican in a district which includes all of Staten Island and a section of Southern Brooklyn. He is a big Trump supporter and has vowed to vote to repeal the ACA, which will cause millions of Americans and many of Donovan‘s constituents to lose their coverage and thus risk their health and very lives. Rather than have the courage and good moral sense to have a meeting with his constituents to ascertain their feelings on this matter and medical needs, Donovan would rather serve the needs and dictates of Trump and blindly follow his party.

So, as in other congressional districts around the country, this Saturday we will hold a People’s Town Hall for Donovan, and let him know in no uncertain terms what many of his constituents and those of other elected officials are saying: NO REPEAL OF ACA EXCEPT TO REPLACE IT WITH SINGLE PAYER MEICARE FOR ALL.

Time / Date: Saturday, Feb 25th at 1:00 pm
Location: Brooklyn District Office, 7308 13th Avenue, BrooklynNY 11228


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