Meeting Minutes: Feb 7, 2017

Meeting minutes are available here.

The crux of what we decided in this meeting is that The NYCIA Council should be a resource for it’s members as well as an organization tool.

  1. PDF series explaining governmental structures. For example: A one page document explaining the IDC and the role it plays in the NYS Senate.
  2. We will start to have issue specific meetings. Meeting leaders will lead a discussion about the status of that movement. The effects that the administration has had, the actions that are upcoming and any other information pertinent to said issue.
  3. We will have a monthly or bi-monhtly civics meeting as a way to help members understand the ways in which a government is working for or against us, and the role that we as individuals and groups can play.
  4. We will continue to participate in protests and actions. For now connecting to other groups actions through the Indivisible Site.

At the meeting we discussed the groups digital presence and this is what was decided:

  1. We will continue to use Google Groups for communication. Daniel will continue to manage invites and membership. Jake will manage tagging of discussions.
  2. We will create a website that will be used to store resources: links to helpful websites and documents created by the group.
  3. We will create a Facebook group for the purpose of connecting socially and keeping up with each other. I encourage everyone to friend each other on facebook and share each others ideas.

We also discussed digital security. Moving forward new members will not be granted access to the google group until they attend a meeting. I will personally keep track of potential new members status.


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