Grassroots Action NY Lobby Training – Feb 18

From Grassroots Action NY:

As you may know, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has put forth an election reform bill! He recently released Voter Right’s Report which outlines the many problems with New York State’s election laws and a series of proposals for reform. Some of these include early voting/voting by mail, automatic registration, and Board of Elections reform – reforms that could have drastically altered the outcome of the 2016 primary election had they already been implemented.

Our group, Grassroots Action NY, is working as an affiliate of New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN) and with Citizen Action and the AG’s office to lobby every state legislator in New York (state senators and state assemblymembers) for the AG’s election reform bill. What we need right now are people to join the lobby groups and/or to help organize them.

We’re forming groups of 3-10 constituents in each district, training them on how to lobby, and then setting up meetings with their respective legislators for the district. Our first lobby training will by next Saturday, February 18 at 1:00pm. It will be held at 50 Broadway, Suite 1600. If you are interested in joining a group and can attend the training, please RSVP here.


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