National Day to Protect Health Care – Feb 18

Nancy Pelosi sent a letter out to colleagues asking them to coordinate events on Saturday, February 18th to protect the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid in honor of Presidents’ Day. The events she suggests are geared toward discussing the devastating effects that repeal or the Republican proposals would have on patients and hospitals.

Miriam is working with a group in Brooklyn to organize a rally. She is also attending a “We Make America” meeting on Friday, Feb 10 where she will recruit volunteers to make signs and banners, video the event, and play music.

Please reach out to Miriam if you would like to participate. Next steps include:

  • Decide on exact format and location of rally
  • Get info. out through social media, Indivisible site, OFA site, etc.
  • Make signs and banners
  • Contact media a couple of days in advance
  • Designate a couple of people to speak with media
  • Designate one or two people to video the event

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