NYS Liberty Act and Dream Act

The NYS Assembly passed two bills this week (the Liberty Act and the Dream Act) which will make NYS a Sanctuary State. This is extremely important legislation to fight back against the administration’s attacks on immigrants and refugees.

The problem is that the IDC (Independent Democratic Conference) in the State Senate is planning on voting against the legislation. With their support there is potential for this legislation to pass. The IDC is made up of 8 members, 5 of whom represent districts in NYC. I think many of you may be in Peraltas district. Below is a list of the members of the IDC. If one of these Senators represents you it’s time to get on the phone:

  • Jeff Klein – 34th (Bronx: 718-822-2049 | Albany: 518-455-3595)
  • Diane Savino – 23rd (Staten Island: 718-727-9406 | Brooklyn: 718-333-0311 | Albany: 518-455-2437)
  • Tony Avella – 11th (Bayside: 718-357-3094 | Albany: 518-455-2210)
  • David Valesky – 53rd (Syracuse: 315-478-8745 | Albany: 518-455-2838)
  • David Carlucci – 38th (Rockland: 845-623-3647 | Ossining: 914-941-2041 | Albany: 518-455-2991)
  • Jesse Hamilton – 20th (Brooklyn: 718-284-4700 | Albany: 518-426-6856)
  • Marisol Alcantara – 31st (New York City: 212-544-0173 | Albany: 518-455-2041)
  • Jose Peralta – 13th (East Elmhurst: 718-205-3881 | Albany: 518-455-2529)

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